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About Abara Pump Company, we should know that Abara Pump Industries Company was established in 1994 with the aim of supplying various products and providing new solutions in industries related to fluids.

At the beginning of its establishment, relying on its high reputation and strong international connections, the company was able to attract Japan’s Abara Company (which is one of the top pump manufacturing companies in the world) as an investor. The presence of Ebara Japan in Abara gave the company the opportunity to successfully introduce and present a wide variety of standard Abara pumps at a high level of quality to the market.

The acceptance of Abara pumps by the market and the industry during the company’s activity has increased the diversity of Abara’s product portfolio in the company.

The participation of Abara Japan also led to the transfer of the knowledge and technology of Abara Japan to Iran and finally the establishment of modern and equipped lines for the production of Abara standard pumps with the لوگو ABR آبارا brand. and various booster pumps in the production units of Pump Industries Company. The advantage of products made in Abara company, (with brand لوگو ABR آبارا) It is that while maintaining the quality approved by the Japanese company Ebara, it reduces the total cost and as a result, it is offered with a competitive price advantage. Also, domestic production has caused Abara Pump Industries to produce products that match the needs of the domestic industry and projects as much as possible and can respond to the needs of the market with greater power. Among other advantages of لوگو ABR آبارا brand products, it is possible to provide stronger service and product support.

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Today, in the Abara company’s product portfolio, there is a wide variety of imported pumps in addition to products produced under the لوگو ABR آبارا brand is located and the company more than ever responds to the needs of industries related to fluids in such a way that the export of products is witnessing growth and development along with domestic sales. Our pride in Abara is that what we started with strength and quality, we continue stronger, with the same quality and in wider dimensions.

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